Tackling the Teething Monster

Just when I thought I was done with teething the next tooth painstakingly comes through. And Xavi has always been a bad teether showing the typical symptoms and a whole lot more. But no one warned me how much worse it’s gonna get past 1… I mean how many molars does a kid even need exactly?! At 15 months old I’m definitely getting the hang of spotting a tooth coming so below is a list of Xavi’s top symptoms and my top remedies for each. They help Xavi at a minimum most of the time but hopefully one tip will help your kid better than my little teething monster.

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Xavi ain’t feeling the Cow

So its the big jump from boob or the powdered stuff to the cow stuff. And I’m assuming that if you’re not still going strong with the boob you’ve moved your babas onto proper milk once they’ve turned 1.. but is it absolutely necessary? Especially if since the day you started giving it your baby has been constantly sick, had random rashes come and go from his face and generally been a pain in the ass! And other than Xavi officially becoming a toddler rather than an infant and having yet another room load of toys from his bday presents the only thing i changed was take him to be massacred by a nurse with 4 needles and give him milk from an animal!

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Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

So I made this bad boy for Xavi last week and he LOVED it as well as hubby & I happily finishing his leftovers!

And I am big on quick and easy recipes especially now I’ve realised after slaving away for hours sometimes your kid will choose to just throw all of it on the floor then laugh! So this will be one of many recipes I’ll share with you and they will all be minimum effort. Recipe below:

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