Hi! I’m Anita, a first time mummy to my son Xavi and wifey to my hubby Rajan. I’m also an ex City worker deciding to give up the hustle & bustle, school night drinks, and addiction to buying anything designer (especially Prada!) to raise my baby boy (when you see his pictures you’ll totally understand why!). Some other fun facts about me…

  • Rajan proposed to me on live TV on the Million Pound Drop in December 2010
  • We got married in Spring 2012
  • Xavi was born via water birth in August 2015
  • I got the travel bug early on from volunteering in Nepal & Thailand in my teens
  • I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  • I’m obsessed with bread
  • Pre-Xavi I was obsessed with the gym (not so much now, eek!)
  • I used to be a Management Consultant (yh i don’t really know what I did either)
  • I’m a sucker for a good documentary and love movies (my fav is Marley & Me)

I decided to start a blog soon after Xavi turned 1 because that is really when the fun is starting. I’ve also had time to build up a wealth of expert knowledge (who am i kidding!) of do’s and dont’s, tackling ups and downs (including Xavi actually pooping on my beloved Prada!), travel tips, recipes and other random thoughts documenting my crazy days running around a toddler.

Hope you enjoy!

Anita & Xavi xx