Xavi’s Space Room

Since Xavi has taken up every single room with more toys than most kids, we decided for his 2nd birthday present we would give him a dream bedroom instead. Space would be the theme since mummy and daddy both wish we were Astronauts and Xavi is too young to be into anything to decide for himself (actually if he had his way it would be just a letter and number themed room!)

We were aiming to complete it by this birthday but with summer being so busy and the main workers (grandads and daddy) restricted to wkends we completed it a couple of months after. It was hard work but with the dream team turned out exactly as we envisioned it!


And yes that is a double bed for a tiny TWO year old but for those of you familiar with my old posts it will make sense because Xavi is a terrible sleeper and every night without fail he will run to our room and pull daddy out of bed to go sleep with him. We’ve all accepted it and at least daddy is now more comfortable sleeping in such an amazing room!

This is what the room looked like before:

Now for the good stuff… how and where we got everything from to transform this dull dreary room to a interstellar space dream for our little boy!

The Wallpaper: Photowall Great site where you can even upload your own image and have that made into your own wallpaper. Top tip choose the premium option as it was much easier to put on and of course better quality.


The Magnetic Wall: My talented hubby actually made this himself! He used Buy metal online to buy the sheet a sheet of galvanised steel, screwed it to the wall and created a border with wood trim from B&Q to hide the sharp edges. With our Xavi being obsessed with numbers and the alphabet this is probably his fav part of the room.


The Xavi Letters: The Wooden Letters Company love this site with such an amazing selection and all handmade. Rajan then attached the letters to the wall with powerful magnets so they can be moved around.. genius!

The Fitted Wardrobes: Prestige Bedrooms local family run business who did a fab job with a high quality finesh and when we weren’t happy with one thing they happily came back quickly to correct for us.

The Carpet: Ww Flooring Another local business that did a super fast job in less than an hour I think it was! Would definitely use again.

The Curtains: Poles Direct and 247 Curtains this was probably our one mistake with the room. Even though they’ve turned out nice i would have preferred blinds as the curtains cover some of the mural and the light easily gets in.

The Bookshelf and Beanbag chairs: Great Little Trading Company I love their stuff but they are so overpriced! I only ever purchase from them when there is a discount code. When we bought both the items we used a 20% off code.


The Maths Rug and Bedsheets: Children’s Room great site and reasonable prices with lots of different themes to fit in with your little ones bedroom.


The Lightbox: Handmade and wired by Xavi’s hardworking grandads and daddy which looks absolutely amazing! Most of the parts they got from Kinook which also shows how to build the lightbox. Xavi has his own little remote control to change the colours and light settings to match his mood. Rajan will tell you this was the hardest part but it’s definitely the best feature of the room so thank you boys!


That was exhausting but so worth it to see my budding astronauts face when he runs to his room and says “wow amazing”. But sadly it hasn’t made him sleep any better on his own but at least daddy loves his new room too! 😂

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