Meet Sofia Rae

So she’s here! Baby number 2 born exactly 20 months after my Xavi. She’s now 6 months and I’m finally starting to get my shit together because life with 2 kids under 2 has been cray cray!

But I can’t complain because when I look at her chubby thighs I just think to myself damn im lucky (trying to avoid the #blessed cliche but I really am!) She’s soooo different to Xavi, for a start she loves her food! So I only managed to breast feed her for 3 months compared to the year long slog I did with Xavi – looking at how she’s flourished since it was defintely the right decision knowing I was no longing starving her with those thighs! And for all those preachy breast is best advocates reign it in love.. no one gives a shit how you’re still breastfeeding a 2 year old!

Secondly, she’s loud! Possibly taken after her mama but Xavi has always been a soft crier and made me genuinely feel sorry for him. Sofia on the other hand makes me want to run the other way with her screeching cry! So for my sanity… another mummy standard I did with Xavi but not Sofia was no dummies. I was never tempted with Xavi to give him a dummy but with that cry Sofia got it on day 3. With that screech though comes the most infectious belly laugh and loudest coos when she’s excited. As long as she’s fed, clean nappy and she knows she’s not alone (not much for a girl to ask right?!) she really is one of the smilest happiest babies I’ve ever seen.

Thirdly, she actually likes to sleep. Hallelujah thank you god! As you can tell from previous blog posts Xavi has always been a bad sleeper and yep at 2 years old nothings changed. We’ve just accepted Daddy is going to sleep with him till he’s 18. Lucky for me I get a bed to myself because Sofia likes her space when she sleeps! Now don’t get me wrong she still isn’t brilliant compared to all these mums telling me their babies slept through from 4 months (I’m sure they’re lying?). But compared to Xavi she’s an angel which I’m sure is helped by her soother being the dummy whereas Xavi’s soother has always been a nice warm body laying next to him.

Now onto the birth…this is one of the things I was most anxious about in my previous blog post Preggers Then Vs. Preggers Now | Pregasaurus. I had a really good birth with Xavi (the water birth most people want in the calm serene birth centre with hans zimmer playing in the background) so I was convinced that I would have a horrendous birth second time round. My mum also had the worst birth ever with me second time round so I thought God was ready to give me some payback! But nope it was even better than the first and ridiculously quick! My water broke first this time and quickly after I had full on contractions. As I arrived at the hospital the head was almost out! I begged for a water birth even though they said there wasn’t any time… the water was still running and out Sofia came in a few pushes. It sounds like bliss but trust me it still fucking hurt! This time because it moved so fast I really think no time for gas and air helped because with Xavi it made me really spaced out and not focused on pushing him out as quick as I could.

And finally onto how Xavi has taken to being a big brother to Sofia. When we first brought her home he probably didn’t understand what was going on thinking she was a little doll to play with. But he was immediately very affectionate with her and typical Xavi going right into her face laughing and poking her. Since then for the most part he is amazing always asking ‘where’s didi’ (Hindi for sister) and concerned when she isn’t around. He gives her hugs, kisses, hands her toys and is generally the best big brother I could have hoped for. BUT since the terrible twos have kicked in he has become a bit more heavy handed with her pushing her as he tells her to ‘lie down didi’ and constantly pulling at her chubby cheeks! We’re trying our best to keep that roughness in check sending him to the naughty wall. But i have to remind myself he only just turned 2 and he’s still testing what behaviour is acceptable and what is not, he doesn’t really mean to hurt her. One things for sure you can tell how much they adore each other from the way their faces light up when they see each other.

So 6 months later I finally got my shit together to be able to write this and I’m going to stick to at least one blog post a month from now on all things mummy related, with hopefully at least a fraction being helpful to all you other new mummies out there or at least humourous to know someone else is failing miserably at this parenting shit. Right Sofia is calling (well actually she’s screaming bloody murder)… until the next post and thanks for reading.


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