Xavi’s 18 month update

So my baby has been around this big bad earth for whole year and half… say what?!! Sometimes I can’t remember what life was like before he was around but then again sometimes I feel like holy shit stop growing up so fast!

He’s certainly becoming a little character and this is quickly becoming my second favourite age (the first was when he was around 9/10 months old and I’ll save for a separate blog post telling you all about our second holiday abroad to Spain!). And the reason is not so much the crazy hyperness and running around but more so he’s insane level of understanding. Even though he’s not talking properly yet he understands every single thing I say to him, follows every instruction and even understands emotion giving me a ‘huggie’ when I’m having a shit day. It’s cray cray how quick it happened but easily scary on how my baby is becoming a proper little boy!

Key Xavi moments this month:

  • Fav words include: banana, eyes, head, ears, yes, ra ra for lion, shoes, uh oh, oh wow and this? (very inquisitive wanting to know what everything is!)
  • He’s obsessed with numbers! Recognises numbers and is always counting even though all the numbers sound the same at the moment!


  • He’s super hyper and cheeky! I’ve always thought he was hyper especially as he’s a bad sleeper and prefers to run around screaming like a nutcase when he’s tired as opposed to self soothing himself to sleep but now he’s a year and half his hyperness and cheekiness has exploded! He loves music and having a right boogie as well as anyone chasing him around playing hide and seek!


  • Despite me taking him ballet, growing his hair with the help of hairgrips and having to constantly tell people he’s a boy he really does act like a little man! He loves playing outside throwing stones, doing ‘vroom vroom’ with his cars and helping his granddads do the handy jobs around the house.


  • He draws all over the house with his fav place being the washing machine at the moment (on anything except paper basically) and loves pouring water around his pots and pans in his playkitchen.


  • He’s got a busier schedule than me! Although I think this is just the start… he gets bored easily and now needs constant stimulation so has a jam packed week with music classes, ballet, softplay, football and swimming.. (yet tiring him out doesn’t seem to help him sleep better!)


  • He’s become super attached to me.. especially at night.. eek! It must be separation anxiety kicking in but he really does love his mama! He is still as social as ever getting super excited whenever anyone comes to visit and is starting to love interacting with other kids but when he’s upset or scared all he’s gotta do is slide his hand down mama’s top and he’s instantly calmed! Let’s hope he’s not doing that once he gets to school age!

That last point brings me to another key development since he turned a year and a half.. co sleeping acceptance! Well half half.. basically he sleeps happily in his cot 7.30ish to 12.30ish but always wakes at some point halfway and ain’t nothing getting him back in that cot without a lot of tears and pooping in distress.. and quite frankly I’m too damn big with baby Num 2 to try (and typical daddy’s excuse is I gotta go to work) so now we don’t even attempt to settle him back.. Rajan brings him to bed and he goes back to sleep instantly. Rajan and I sleep with our own duvets and Xavi is in the middle cosy with the sweetest smile on his face feeling safe and secure till he wakes between 6-7am (although lately it’s been more like 5.30)! So fuck it if we’re all gettin some sleep and he wakes up chatting away with the biggest smile in his face we’re all happy. Now how we cope with this and trying to breastfeed baby Num 2 throughout the night I’ll have to keep you posted..

So even though he’s a spoilt little shit at times.. for now I’m gonna enjoy watching my bestie blossom into the sweetest and happiest little boy.. well until he realises soon he’s gonna have to share ruling the roost with another little human! As Xavi would say “uh oh!”

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