Preggers Then Vs. Preggers Now | Pregasaurus

This pregnancy is very different to the one with Xavi.. quite simply it SUCKS! Not sure if it’s from the fact now I’m running after an active toddler who also is at an equally frustrated stage while he is learning so many new things or I had it far too easy with Xavi and mother nature is now balancing things out by making my life a misery! Here’s a list of the key differences between the devil pregasaurus now vs. the angel pregasaurus then.

  1. I’m a moody shit: Of course I had my down days with Xavi too but overall if you ask anyone who knows me I became a lot more nicer, calmer and emotional (which is soooo not me!) carrying Xavi. But this time everyone irritates me (usually only my sister does) and I’m happiest in my own company (with my Xavi of course!)
  2. More scans: Even though Xavi was just 2 days early he was on the small side just under 6lbs and was also in special care for a week with some health issues. This coupled with my blood tests picking up signs I have low growth hormone levels means I’ll have a scan every month to check on the bubbas growth, which is lovely to see regularly.
  3. Tiredness topped up by a toddler: I have zero sympathy for anyone (including myself pre-baby!) who complain about tiredness! I remember feeling exhausted during my first pregnancy especially the first trimester even though I regularly used to have at least 8 hours of uninterruped bliss every night but this time I have to survive on daily broken sleep of 5 hours max! The fact Xavi invades the bed half way through the night doesn’t help either.
  4. Body aches: Everything hurts. Like shitloads. With Xavi I hardly remember the odd Braxton Hicks sensation and the only muscle pain came swiftly during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. But this child I can tell is quite literally a pain in the ass, hip pain check, bum pain double check, random leg cramps check!
  5. Sugar addict: Don’t get me wrong even with Xavi I used my pregnancy as a hall pass to eating anything I fancy but having been quite the gym and health addict shortly before getting pregnant with Xavi I was relatively good with my only indulgence being lots of bread! Nothing has changed bread wise but this time I am reaching for lots of sugar and basically crap! I’ve also froze my gym membership and consuming lots of things I thought was too dangerous first time round but this time I’m going with the flow having sushi, biscuits & sweet treats, runny eggs and lots of orange lucozade eek!
  6. Less organising: Pregnant with Xavi I felt like we were on a ticking timeline to quickly overhaul our life from city flat living it up to creating a family oasis in the suburbs. So not only did we move into a new house at 6 months pregnant, we decorated a nursery, went to every baby show imaginable buying everything we needed from scratch and even set up all the nappy changing stations, crib bedding etc with 3 weeks to spare! This time I’m much more relaxed knowing I have everything I need.. well somewhere! So preparation this time will definitely be a last minute job  while I enjoy as much alone time as I can with my Xavi.
  7. Less anxious about being a mum: Anyone who knows me knows I was the least maternal person ever! So I was absolutely shitting looking after a tiny person and knowing what to do. But now I know what people mean by saying motherhood comes naturally when you look into the bubba’s eyes. I’ve completely changed as a person and not only am I confident I’m a damn good mummy but I feel completely relaxed about raising another baby, trusting my instincts and knowing even though its gonna be hard I’ll just get on with it.
  8. More anxious about the birth: One thing I was never worried about was the birth. I thought I’ve got a strong pain threshold and really how hard can it be? But once you know the pain of labour OMG! Now the thought of going through all that again is completely shitting me up! Even though I was lucky with Xavi, my labour moved relatively quickly and my birth plan actually went to plan, water birth in the birth centre with no intervention or epidural (that was more hubby’s choice!), I’m feeling so anxious that this time round I won’t be as lucky! And knowing I’m a lot less fit physically, what contractions feels like and how hard it is to push that damn head out, I feel less confident I’m gonna be as strong as I was with Xavi. Pass me that epidural already.
  9. I’m massive: With Xavi I managed to get away with not telling anyone I was pregnant till after 5 months but this time the belly popped out at 9 weeks! And now I’m in my third trimester I feel mahusive! Everyone tells me its because my stomach has already stretched but honestly I think it’s just the extra doughnuts I’ve been having.. yep I’m just fat.
  10. Preggers as a SAHM: Thats one word I didn’t think I would ever be.. I’m officially a Stay at Home Mum, giving up working in a fast paced banking environment for a life of 24/7 nappy changes, cleaning up toys, going to mummy groups and throwing away food my kid refuses to eat! You’d think it’d be a lot easier getting to stay in my pjs all day and chill on the sofa watching daytime tv rather than go into the office but for all you SAHM haters.. no its not any easier! My daytime routine completely revolves around Xavi and rather than focusing on satisfying whatever craving or lovely moments to myself I could have at work without a toddler interrputing my daily poop, Xavi is the boss and I am merely his servant. And although I wouldn’t change it… its still as hard  being preggers as a SAHM, especially trying to constantly protect my bump from Xavi dropkicking it any chance he gets! So ladies lets support each other and not hate on mums who are lucky enough to stay at home with their kids.. and to all the working mamas god damn I admire you because I’d seriously struggle, especially being preggers with a second!


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