Xavi’s been busy working through his list of things to do… | Pregasaurus

Yep Xavi has been busy working through his list and is going to be a big brother! The picture is quite old taken at Xavi’s first birthday cake smash shoot so I’m quickly approaching my third trimester and officially shitting it! Due in April, I’ll have 2 kids under 2 dealing with a toddler about to embark on his terrible twos and a crazy crying breast sucking newborn! Oh crap what were we thinking?!

We found out about terror number 2 shortly after Xavi’s 1st birthday and it was so unexpected Rajan didn’t even believe me till we went to our first scan and he saw it in the flesh! But now we’ve had time to digest it we feel lucky to get preggers again so quick and thinking best to get the kids out the way while we’re still used to no sleep and knee deep in poopy nappies.


But the more cheeky Xavi is getting and as he’s been walking since 14 months it’s also dawning on us how much more of a handful Xavi is becoming the older he’s getting. Running off? Yep. Climbing on top of funiture threatening to jump? Yep. Throwing tantrums and hitting us when he doesn’t get his way. Yep! The list of ‘naughty’ behaviour is growing as quick as my humongous bump!

Yet just as Xavi can be a terror he also has such a loving and affectionate side to him constantly showering us with kisses and cuddles so let’s hope that love he has for us transcends quickly to his little sibling! And since Xavi is only 17 months old now I haven’t exactly been able to tell him what’s going on in mama’s tummy (he must just be thinking damn girl what you be eating?!) so I’m still at a loss of ideas to prepare him that a new baby will be arriving and ‘no Xavi its not a doll you put in the washing machine.’ Eek!

I’ll update you all in some separate posts on how I’m finding this pregnancy and what else Xavi’s been up to but for now watch this space for this blog to have double the poop and double the ‘oh crap’ and ‘Xavi please put the knife down’ moments..!

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