KidloLand App | Review

So we’ve all probably made a promise that we shall not be one of those mums that gives our little angels (and not yet tantrum throwing toddlers) our phone or any tablet just for a moments peace or to stop an earth shattering meltdown of tears, especially in public! I was one of those pre mums who didn’t have a clue why so many mums did it!

But I’ve definitely changed my tune becoming a mum because A. after putting a tiny person’s needs before mine every second of the day, something to give me a 5 minute break when I run out of ideas to stop the tears is a godsend quite frankly! And B. after hours of baby tv I’m actually really impressed with how educational the content of these programmes and apps are.. so showing Xavi something that not only gives me a break  but also teaches him his abcs and 123s.. I say a big phat YES PLEASE!

One app I was recently invited to download was Kidloland which is a fun educational app aimed at toddlers. And although I hardly put this on regularly for Xavi he still knows exactly how to get to it on my phone. Unlike baby tv repeats of the same show the thing that impressed me most about KidloLand is the huge library of nursery rhymes and activities! We probably haven’t even scratched 5% of the content available which is music to my ears for Xavi who seems to get bored very easily nowadays! Before I list the things I love about the app I’ll get the negative out the way saying because of the huge content you have to download each song or activity you want to view so make sure you have enough storage on your phone. But other than that downloading the content is super quick and I myself haven’t experience any storage issues as yet.


Now for the really good points:

  • Content: The variety of stories, songs & learning activities is cray cray! Not only are each of the videos beautifully bright and colourful, each are very educational from teaching Xavi about colours to a song for each letter of the alphabet. There are also lots of games for older toddlers such as jigsaws and dot-to-dot games with an encouraging narrator egging the player on as they get something right. I have to admit that was all me given Xavi’s age but all the same he joined in and clapped when we completed a puzzle together.
  • Ease of Use: the user interface is so friendly that even my 15 month can swipe, click and tap his way through an endless variety of stories and activities. Other than the odd wrong click turning the screen off I could leave Xavi to it while I hang my washing up without him just pulling everything down again.. heaven!
  • No Ads: Another godsend since I hate ads and Xavi finds them equally as frustrating as me!
  • Internet not always needed: Since all the songs and activities are downloadable Xavi can also enjoy these offline, which will probably be even more useful when I decide to buy him an iPad for long journeys especially in the air which he is quickly becoming accustomed to!
  • Engaging characters: While watching any of the songs etc Xavi can click a character or item and it’ll do something! Love this feature since Xavi is becoming technology savvy and clearly knows when he is playing with a toy that doesn’t respond to his commands vs. a real life item mummy and daddy use (yep siri knows Xavi well).
  • Different levels to grow with age: Right now we’re focused on the songs, 123s and abcs but the content beyond that is great for older ages and I can see Xavi still loving the app right up to 5 years old at least!


So to summarise KidloLand is a great app which is very engrossing while you get a few jobs done but is also an innovative way for your toddler to learn lots without them realising as they’re busy having so much fun!

I know many parents reading this may be sceptical especially when in today’s world it’s important to try to limit screen time for our kids. But since Xavi was young I’ve always used tv/educational apps and seeing the bright and outgoing boy he’s becomming I’ve very happy about my decision. He gets plenty of real life play with his abundance of toys and family nearby as well as limited educational screen time.

Despite the tv being on in the background Xavi will quickly choose to play with other toys or grab a book for me to read so he is smart enough to self-control his screen time too most of the time. Also Xavi’s ultimate favourite thing to do is socialising telling his loved ones what he’s learned today. And if that’s hearing him repeat 1,2,3 or showing off the actions from a song he’s watched I’m one proud mama.

Disosure: This is a sponsored post in the form of either remuneration or a free product being sent to me for a review. However all content and opinions are of my own.

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