Tackling the Teething Monster

Just when I thought I was done with teething the next tooth painstakingly comes through. And Xavi has always been a bad teether showing the typical symptoms and a whole lot more. But no one warned me how much worse it’s gonna get past 1… I mean how many molars does a kid even need exactly?! At 15 months old I’m definitely getting the hang of spotting a tooth coming so below is a list of Xavi’s top symptoms and my top remedies for each. They help Xavi at a minimum most of the time but hopefully one tip will help your kid better than my little teething monster.

#1 Biting anything & everything including mama… So Sophie the giraffe is not some miracle teething toy.. I seriously don’t get it? When I hand it to Xavi he just looks at me to say mama wtf is this then throws it across the room. Instead he has always loved this little chewable toothbrush from Brush Baby since he was 6 months old and it still works a dream! Other than teething toys he also loves biting on a water wipe or an ice cold muslin cloth.

#2 Drooling… Now Xavi is an affectionate baby as it is.. loves to slobber all over me and still gives me kisses with his mouth open. But when he is teething this slobber reaches a whole new level of crazy. Spit all over Xavi and me! And the best thing for Xavi is usually a chewable bib with the neckerchew from Cheeky Chompers being my fav. Not only can he bite on it to help relive some pain these funky bibs also soak up all that excess saliva. And for extreme drool causing his chin to get a bit sore I just dab a tiny amount of vaseline on him, which I prefer over applying any stronger creams to his kissable little face.

#3 Trouble Sleeping… Normal Xavi has always been a crap sleeper anyway but omg teething Xavi is a big pain in the butt. 1 or 2 standard night wakeups quickly becomes 4 or 5 and a 10 minute rock and cuddle turns into cuddles and comfort all night long! The answer to this may be controvesional to some anti medicine mummys but seriously neurofen and calpol the shit out of them. Its the only way to help ease their pain and obviously shouldn’t last more than the few days they are struggling.. any longer and you have probably created a pain killers addict.. emmm yeh you best seek some help for that. Also I find Aston and Parsons teething powder works well in easing their pain and helping them nod off to la la land.

#4 Fussy Eating… To me Xavi has always been a good eater.. he isn’t a milk fiend and always eats at his meal times till he is full. Although when I compare to some babies I feel likes he eats like a rabbit! But comparing your kid is a dangerous thing and I’ll save how much my kid eats for another post because I think portion control can be so confusing at times for us parents! So having been what I think is a good eater usually teething can throw this off completely with Xavi refusing to eat anything other than lots of hard snacks such as rice cakes and crackers. My remedy to this is relax and don’t force them to eat or you may cause some long term issues with food. If they don’t feel like eating as much as usual for a couple of days so what. Offer them what ever it is that will ease their pain.. Xavi loves cold watermelon and toasted bagels especially when teething. Also just offer extra milk and fluids instead if you’re worried about them going hungry.

#5 Sickness… Doctors may disagree on this but most mummies I know definitely agree with this one… every time a tooth comes Xavi gets sick! And it seems like he gets everything at once, a runny nose, a cough, a temperature and the shits! There might not be any scientific evidence linking this to teething but after 10 teeth I think i know my mummy knowledge trumps science on this occasion! My top remedy for this is lots and lots of cuddles and head presses as well as the standard remedies you use. My fav for a cold is the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator to help clear Xavi’s nose (don’t bother with the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator one..its crap!) and the Snufflebabe Vapour Rub on the soles of his feet locked in by some socks on top. And for the constant pooping, Xavi has always been a big pooper but a teething poo is so obvious.. very wet and very stinky! And my best remedy for this is Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment which is seriously a miracle worker for making sore red bums look as good as new overnight.

In a nutshell a teething bubba seriously sucks but I guess it must suck a whole lot more for them so anything to help I’ll take it! And until these 20 teething demons are out I hope some of Xavi’s remedies ease the cray cray symptons and please do let me know any miracle remedy that works for you! Peace.. I mean Teeth Out.

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