Xavi’s First Holiday to St Lucia

Sorry guys for the very delayed blog post! We’ve been busy taking Xavi on holiday to Dubai and ever since he came along I’m a firm believer in no social media updates and minimum phone use when away to really cherish and enjoy the precious time away from reality. So what better for my first blog post after a holiday telling you all about Xavis adventures abroad so far.. starting with his first one to St Lucia! Yes he is very spoilt but despite being a terror at times he totally deserves it for being so god damn cute!

So for Xavi’s first trip abroad he was just 4 months old and we decided to take him to a honeymoon destination on a 9 hour flight to celebrate New Years Eve. Totally crazy right?! And what’s crazier is that to get a good deal I booked it a year in advance before Xavi even came along with no idea how I was going to take to motherhood and if I’d even have the confidence to take him so far. But after a rocky start to Xavi’s first week of life (which I’ll leave for another blog post) I am confident enough to say I surprised myself and took to motherhood straight away. I knew I’d be able to care for and protect him no matter where we were in the world so despite some anxiety at the start I knew it would be a much needed and exciting first family holiday.

But even though it was the first this was almost the easiest holiday we took him on as I was exclusively breastfeeding so didn’t have to think of food or bottles and sterilising (I’ll save my top baby holiday packing list in another post because it’s a lot!). It also meant the flight was relatively easy as at the mere sound of a cry I’d give him the boob and it’d instantly make him stop or go to sleep. Also so he’d stay in la la land and to stop his ears popping I always had his Baby Headphones at hand which at this age he also didn’t keep trying to take off! Which leads me to the best point of this age.. he wasn’t mobile! Despite almost rolling off the bed a couple of times (eek!) it was so much easier to keep Xavi in one place and get on with getting ready or sunbathing without worrying Xavi will suddenly run off!

I’m also a total travel geek having volunteered and worked abroad in my younger days so when I book a holiday I’m also always looking to do things unique and really make it a holiday to remember. And despite having a 4 month baby of course I decided to the split the holiday in two with the first half being in the heart of the St Lucian rainforest on a plantation site in a hut with no aircon, lots of bugs and minimum luxuries! And the best part was hubby had no idea and he def prefers holidays to feel like holidays and not like the cray cray ‘roughing it’ plans I have in mind! But even though he might not admit it I know he loved it and we adapted to our new surroundings even with a little baby.

The location was amazing! Sugar beach was round the corner which is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. And armed with our Koo-di Pop up Bubble Travel Cot, Sun and Sleep we were lucky enough to show Xavi the ocean and sand for the first time. Despite finding the ocean a bit too cold at first once he got used to it he loved being swam around by daddy and especially loved people watching while chilling in his travel cot!

And although I personally loved our little hut in the jungle I have to admit returning to it after the paradise of sugar beach seeing loaded families get off their yatchs drinking champagne while their army of nannies looked after the kids, it felt basic to say the least! With a basic shower invested with a few bugs we had to bath Xavi in the sink daily which was still the cutest thing! Give me a hut in the stunning rainforest over a yatch anyday (Yh who am I kidding, anyone got a hundred quid yatch for sale?!)


We also spent New Years in the rainforest and despite actually missing New Year’s Eve because we knocked out (yep we are so rock n roll!) we had a lovely homely New Year’s Eve dinner with the other guests while Xavi slept through the whole thing. Annoyingly he actually stayed on Uk time the whole holiday! So he’d go to sleep super early and wake up early and of course we had to adapt to master Xavi who now rules everything we do.

Before we moved on to the next hotel we made the most of our time in such a unique setting, took Xavi to see gorgeous waterfalls, gardens and friendly locals who were totally charmed by his gorgeous face despite some tantrums and having to breastfeed armed with my Breastfeeding Cover  on a random rock just to calm him down! We also went to one of THE BEST dinners I’ve ever had of my life at Hotel Chocolat which I highly recommend and was round the corner to our quaint little hut. Every course was made out of chocolate from the dips for the breads to the steak sauce. It was truely orgasmic to say the least! And despite a rocky start with hubby frustratingly trying to get Xavi to sleep while we watched the sunset before dinner (hubby remember when you wanted to throw him off the cliff!) Xavi eventually went to sleep while we enjoyed the romantic dinner overlooking the Piton mountains.. fucking amazeballs!

After 4 nights enjoying the real St Lucia (which was def my fav part!) it was daddy’s turn to have the holiday he wanted at an all inclusive beach resort. Even though he won’t admit it I know he missed roughing it in the rainforest! But it was lovely having pool time with Xavi and going from a basic breakfast while fighting off the mosquitos to a massive buffet we got to enjoy in some air con for a change. Also the resort had its very own lazy river which was amazing and although it was a busy resort at times we felt like we had the whole pool to ourselves. Also hubby got to enjoy unlimited pina coladas while I had to have them sparingly and time them after a feed so Xavi didn’t end up drunk from my breast milk!

With the pool being slightly warmer than the ocean this is when we really started to see Xavi loving the water splashing around and trying to kick his legs. He was also probably a lot happier to go from roughing it to luxury and enjoying a bath in an actual bath this time! And with my boobs on hand to pop Xavi down for a nap belly full me and Rajan got to enjoy some pool time kid free with Xavi in sight having a nap in his travel cot. Not having to worry about feeding him actual food was great too as you’ll see from my posts to follow on his next holidays!

So if you have any doubts don’t and definitely take a holiday before your baby hits the weaning age.. even though it’ll still be hard work and very different to holidays in the past it’ll feel a lot easier compared to the older they get. The toys they need are minimum and also not being on the move definitely saves a lot of ‘oh crap where’s the baby’ moments! And despite swapping late nights for early bedtimes, drunken clubbing in my heels for sober early night dinners in my flats, and a little purse armed with makeup for a baby bag full of nappies, change of clothes, wipes and teething toys I’ve been there and done that and wouldn’t change the new adventures I get to have with my beautiful little family for the world. I mean come on look at that face..


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