Xavi ain’t feeling the Cow

So its the big jump from boob or the powdered stuff to the cow stuff. And I’m assuming that if you’re not still going strong with the boob you’ve moved your babas onto proper milk once they’ve turned 1.. but is it absolutely necessary? Especially if since the day you started giving it your baby has been constantly sick, had random rashes come and go from his face and generally been a pain in the ass! And other than Xavi officially becoming a toddler rather than an infant and having yet another room load of toys from his bday presents the only thing i changed was take him to be massacred by a nurse with 4 needles and give him milk from an animal!

So two severe asthma attacks later I’ve decided to swap Xavi’s morning and night cows milk for formula growing up milk instead. Xavi has never been a big milk drinker anyway since i stopped the boob but he’ll have 6oz in the morning in a sippy cup and 6/7oz before bed in a bottle (I’m working on replacing this with a cup too!). I’ve also cut down generally on the amount of dairy he eats.. particularly yogurts. I know calcium is important for his growing bones so i still give him cheese, spinach, cereals etc but want to cut down anything that i think is heavy on his poor little chest. And of course one day I’ll feel right you’re ready again for cows milk, but for now I don’t think he is and as we have to continuously tell people giving us advice we didn’t ask for.. every baby is different love! Also the more I research into it the more giving my tiny kid milk from a cow seems so absurd! Reasons why..

  1. From birth to a year babies aren’t recommended cows milk for the simple reason they are unable to digest it as easily as formula milk due to high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can stress an infant’s immature kidneys and cause severe illness at times of heat stress, fever, or diarrhea. WHAT DA FUCK?! Well my baby’s kidneys don’t look all that bigger overnight at 1 to me so I’ll take no stress for now please!
  2. Compared to all of the added vitamins in formula cow’s milk lacks the proper amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients that infants need and may even cause iron-deficiency anemia in some babies. Well my asthmatic baby needs all the iron and vitamins he needs so again no to no vitamins please!
  3. Cows milk is ONLY recommended provided he has a balanced diet of solid foods (cereals, vegetables, fruits, and meats). I’ve seen plenty of babies who are total milk fiends and when it comes to getting them off the bottle mums struggle and they are often fussy eaters too. Now Xavi isn’t always a good eater either, especially when he’s sick, teething etc but quite simply the more milk he drinks the less food he eats. And to me food is always best providing the best and most varied range of nutrients (provided its not all cake and biscuits of course!) so when I stopped his lunchtime bottle of milk after 1 I found immediately he ate more dinner. And I also find formula milk is a lot lighter than cows milk and easier for him to digest so he is bloat free and comfortable ahead of his next meal wolfing it down no problems.

So for now I’m gonna stay away from the cow and enjoy my baby rash and asthma attack free. And an update for you all since my last post… thanks so much for your well wishes and advice regarding Xavi’s asthma, you guys are amazing! He is doing ALOT better this time round, has got his appetite back, is back to his psycho laughing self, and is almost cough free! Now the sleeping and clingyness (probably cos he’s shit scared we’re gonna hook him up to a hospital crib again!) is another matter for another blog post. Watch this space for what I’m calling ‘Xavi’s awake AGAIN?! Shoot. me. now.’

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