Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

So I made this bad boy for Xavi last week and he LOVED it as well as hubby & I happily finishing his leftovers!

And I am big on quick and easy recipes especially now I’ve realised after slaving away for hours sometimes your kid will choose to just throw all of it on the floor then laugh! So this will be one of many recipes I’ll share with you and they will all be minimum effort. Recipe below:


1 readymade Puff Pastry Sheet (I used Marie La Pate Feuilletee Rolled Puff Pastry – Round 230g from Ocado)

Tomato purée

Grated cheese

1 Egg beaten

Toppings of your choice! (I used peppers, sundried tomatoes and chopped colourful tomatoes)


1. Preheat oven to 220ºC (200 ºC for fan assisted ovens) or Gas Mark 7

2. Unroll the pastry

3. Lay the pastry circle on a lined baking sheet or an oiled pizza oven tray (which I used) & spread centre with tomato purée leaving a border all around.

4. Arrange your toppings on top of the purée, finishing with the grated cheese (again leaving a border all round).

5. Brush borders with beaten egg and bake for 12 – 15 minutes until the edges have risen and the cheese melted.

And Voila! One tasty light pizza!

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