Meet Xavi

So this is the little ball of cuteness that inspired me to start this blog.. my Xavi! Told you he’s cute right? Other fun facts about Xavi:

  • He is 13 months and a Leo like his daddy
  • He LOVES to dance – wiggles his little tushy to any beat he hears
  • He is very affectionate – loves cuddles, kisses and being tickled
  • He is a chatterbox – his random baby language cracks me up daily
  • He doesn’t sleep – well unless he is constantly held with his hand down your armpit
  • He’d rather crawl then walk – if one more judgemental person says to me ‘oh isn’t he walking yet’ (really people he’s 13 months for god sakes!)
  • He goes to anyone and everyone – no stranger danger here!
  • He is a social bunny – talks to his imaginary friend on mummy’s iPhone and loves it when someone comes to visit
  • He poops A LOT – before you judge me saying its what i feed him, his dad poos a lot too so i think he’s just very efficient at eliminating waste
  • He has crazy hair – had his first hair cut at 9 months and people constantly compliment me on my precious daughter

You’ll get to know Xavi a lot better through this blog including more on the things he does that drives me crazy yet i let him get away with because he’d just so god damn cute. Its basically a constant battle between trying to be supermum giving him all organic fresh food, sleep training him into the perfect routine, no baby tv allowed, making him listen to classical music, reading him flash cards daily (the more advanced the better), drinking milk from a cup only, and being potty trained by 18 months latest vs. thinking screw it i want to sleep and more importantly i want a happy kid…

So screw you any perfect mummies getting it right effortlessly with your daily contoured faces, unstained designer outfits & well behaved kids – this blog is definitely NOT for you!

But any mums struggling to get it right, going insane with poop stains galore and battling constant guilt on how your daily choices will shape your kid.. Well I can’t make any promises, but i hope at least one thing you read will help you realise you’re not alone and to give yourself a break because we’re just mums winging it best we can while being bossed about by demanding tiny humans we’re lucky enough to call ours.

One thought on “Meet Xavi

  1. Loved reading your blog….actually quite funny. Definitely made me smile, Love my nephew Xavi to bits… You are an amazing mother! Very proud of you… Love ya loads xxxxx


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