Xavi’s Space Room

Since Xavi has taken up every single room with more toys than most kids, we decided for his 2nd birthday present we would give him a dream bedroom instead. Space would be the theme since mummy and daddy both wish we were Astronauts and Xavi is too young to be into anything to decide for himself (actually if he had his way it would be just a letter and number themed room!)Read More »

Meet Sofia Rae

So she’s here! Baby number 2 born exactly 20 months after my Xavi. She’s now 6 months and I’m finally starting to get my shit together because life with 2 kids under 2 has been cray cray!

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Xavi’s 18 month update

So my baby has been around this big bad earth for whole year and half… say what?!! Sometimes I can’t remember what life was like before he was around but then again sometimes I feel like holy shit stop growing up so fast!

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Preggers Then Vs. Preggers Now | Pregasaurus

This pregnancy is very different to the one with Xavi.. quite simply it SUCKS! Not sure if it’s from the fact now I’m running after an active toddler who also is at an equally frustrated stage while he is learning so many new things or I had it far too easy with Xavi and mother nature is now balancing things out by making my life a misery! Here’s a list of the key differences between the devil pregasaurus now vs. the angel pregasaurus then.

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Xavi’s been busy working through his list of things to do… | Pregasaurus

Yep Xavi has been busy working through his list and is going to be a big brother! The picture is quite old taken at Xavi’s first birthday cake smash shoot so I’m quickly approaching my third trimester and officially shitting it! Due in April, I’ll have 2 kids under 2 dealing with a toddler about to embark on his terrible twos and a crazy crying breast sucking newborn! Oh crap what were we thinking?!

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KidloLand App | Review

So we’ve all probably made a promise that we shall not be one of those mums that gives our little angels (and not yet tantrum throwing toddlers) our phone or any tablet just for a moments peace or to stop an earth shattering meltdown of tears, especially in public! I was one of those pre mums who didn’t have a clue why so many mums did it!

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Tackling the Teething Monster

Just when I thought I was done with teething the next tooth painstakingly comes through. And Xavi has always been a bad teether showing the typical symptoms and a whole lot more. But no one warned me how much worse it’s gonna get past 1… I mean how many molars does a kid even need exactly?! At 15 months old I’m definitely getting the hang of spotting a tooth coming so below is a list of Xavi’s top symptoms and my top remedies for each. They help Xavi at a minimum most of the time but hopefully one tip will help your kid better than my little teething monster.

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